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Citywide spring cleanup is now under way

Thursday, April 22, 20101852 views

South Salt Lake City residents and public works members are in the process of spring cleaning for the year.

Beginning March 29, residents were asked to put out their trash on curbs for removal crews to pick up. Fliers notifying residents of the annual cleanup were delivered a week beforehand and stapled to trash cans. The fliers listed the dates crews would be picking up the trash in each neighborhood and included a detailed list of the items that are prohibited from being put out and other places to drop off waste the city crews won't accept.

South Salt Lake City Public Works Director's assistant Jenny Williams said city officials would like to remind residents to put out their trash on time so that it could be picked up on schedule.

"One of the thing we run into a lot is that residents put out their trash after the [neighborhood] dates, and we don't return to areas," Williams said.

Residents are also being asked to not put hazardous waste items, such as paint, motor oil, batteries, tires, glass or appliances of any kind in with the items to be picked up by crews.

Tree limbs larger than 8 feet long or wider than 24 inches in diameter, along with tree stumps, sod, dirt, rocks, or gravel are also not allowed.

In addition, garbage piles must not block access to fire hydrants, mailboxes, water meter boxes, storm drains or any other utility boxes.

Crews must also be able to reach the piles with the loading equipment to pick up the garbage.

"If cars are parked in front of the pile, regardless of what's in the pile, whether it's acceptable or not, we can't pick it up," Williams said.

Residents can make reservations at South Salt Lake City Hall to reserve yard debris trash trailers on a first-come first-serve basis for $25.

The citywide clean up should be complete by the end of April.

Trash piles and other items left out past the pickup dates could be reported to code enforcement officers, so residents should be sure to double check the fliers for the dates crews will be in their neighborhoods.

Public Works Street Supervisor David Alexander said the most common problem crews had encountered so far was residents leaving prohibited items out with the rest of the trash, but that for the most part the clean up had gone according to schedule so far.

Williams agreed.

"Our residents seem to be pretty on the ball," he said.

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