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South Salt Lake Chamber news

Thursday, July 28, 2011735 views


When the city of South Salt Lake adopted the new logo and catchphrase, “City on the Move,” there was no misunderstanding of what this meant. Without question, the city, under the leadership of Mayor Cherie Wood, has owned up to this logo’s declaration, and major advancements have taken place as the city prepares for the future.

The South Salt Lake Chamber fully supports the overall mission of the city and looks forward to the exciting changes that are on the horizon for this community. The chamber has always been a solid partner with the city, and as these new developments come to fruition, we will continue to represent the wants and desires of our membership, and we will create new opportunities for success. The chamber’s board is extremely active, and we continue to work together to build our organization and will do all in our power to keep pace with the city as we work toward a common goal of growth and progressive development.

July is a very busy month for the chamber. The Board of Governors would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the individuals who participated in the 2011 South Salt Lake Freedom Festival’s annual parade. We had great support from our business members that offered everything from donated food and drinks to expensive cars for our dignitaries to ride in. As is always the case, our business members can be counted upon to rise to the occasion and provide much-needed support for our community events. Thanks again to everyone that helped with this year’s parade.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I want to thank our departing president and chief executive officer, Stacey Liddiard, for her dedicated service to the South Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce. Many of you may have heard that Stacey has accepted a new position with an organization outside of the city. Ms. Liddiard has served the South Salt Lake Chamber with great enthusiasm and perseverance. The board and membership are grateful for her many years of service, and we wish her the best in her new position!

In the short term, the South Salt Lake Chamber has made arrangements with existing board members, as well as the city of South Salt Lake to maintain services to our membership with appropriate staffing and office management. We will be actively searching for potential applicants for the CEO position, and we will keep everyone updated as to any new developments in this particular area. If you need any assistance from the chamber, please contact our office at the regular office number at 801-466-3377 or email us at with any questions or requests for service.

We will continue to operate the chamber without interruption, and we anticipate a smooth transition as we move forward with our exciting plans for the future.

Dave Wallace


South Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors


K.W. Commercial



Carpet Barn

We welcome our newest members to the chamber!


Chamber Luncheon with United States Rep. Jim Matheson

Sept. 29 at noon, Columbus Center

South Salt Lake Chamber Golf Tournament

Sept. 22, 7 a.m.

Eaglewood Gold Course, North Salt Lake

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