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South Salt Lake coed softball league is back in full swing with a fun wrinkle

Aug 01, 2018 09:50AM ● By Brian Shaw

By Brian Shaw  |   [email protected] 

Have no fear, the South Salt Lake summer softball league is here. The league, now in its third year of operations, is holding steady with 12 teams for the second year in a row. 

But, this year also has the bonus of two divisions, which Recreation Coordinator Dustin Permann said was what he's had in mind for over a year now—to not only provide more parity but also give everyone a chance to participate and compete. 

If you're at all familiar with the promotion/relegation system that permeates the soccer leagues around the world, well, you wouldn't be too far off base here. 

In a nutshell, and just like the promotion/relegation (pro/reg) leagues overseas, each team gets a certain number of points when they win. 

Since the teams are five-player teams—and not nine like regular softball teams—keeping score becomes a bit interesting. For those not acutely familiar, there are three teams competing against each other, on the field, at the same time.

One team bats, the other plays infield and the other retreats to the outfield. In essence, the batting team is playing against the infield and outfield until three outs are made—at which point the teams rotate and all, in good time, play a regular nine-inning game. 

If it sounds confusing that's because it probably is to those unfamiliar with the format. It was something that longtime recreation department employee Tony Fabela suggested in an attempt to resurrect a flagging adult sports program. In as many words, it was a hit. 

Because three teams are playing at one time, the next logical question would be, how does one split up the points? The team finishing the game with the most runs gets three points in the standings. The next best team? Two points. And the last place team among the three participants in the game, one. 

Just like pro/reg, the teams move up and down in the standings, based on how many points they have. The top six teams in the points compete in the Championship Pool, while the bottom six participate in the Consolation Pool. 

Right now, as of July 24 the SSL Old Timers are holding it down in first place with 11 points in four games they've played this summer—followed by three teams in a three-way tie for second place with 10 points. Meanwhile, the Chinchillas and the B&H Express are at the bottom of the standings—each with 5 points. 

The league continues through August, with the annual tournament to be played at the end of that month. For more information, contact Dustin at (801) 412-3209. 






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