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New SSLPD Public Information Officer seeks community engagement

Jun 15, 2020 01:25PM ● By Bill Hardesty

By Bill Hardesty | [email protected]

Danielle Croyle has joined the South Salt Lake Police Department (SSLPD) as the new Public Information Officer (PIO) and Training Coordinator. The former PIO, Officer Gary Keller, retired earlier this year.

In speaking about her new position, Croyle said, “I want to engage in the community. People are people and they want to be heard.”

“In the month that I have been here, I have observed frequently supervisors and officers engaging with people on the street. Having interactions with them. Introducing themselves to a new business owner. Sharing information how to reach out to the police and be involved in neighborhood watch. I am impressed with the caliber of the officers here,” Croyle added.

Croyle comes to the SSLPD with over 25 years of law enforcement experience. She started her career has a reserved officer for Ogden PD. She was soon hired as a patrol officer. She worked up the ranks as sergeant, lieutenant and retired as a captain in 2018.

She was the Administrative Officer for the Salt Lake City FBI office. She left that position to join SSLPD.

A PIO (think of Garrett on “Blue Bloods”) is the public face of the department. They provide information during an incident such as a major traffic accident or significant arrest.

However, Croyle just doesn’t want to be reactive with her interaction with the community but be proactive as well.

“Besides providing updates on crime and crime prevention stuff, but also update on community events that have a law enforcement or community interest,” Croyle said.

Besides being the PIO, Croyle is also the Training Coordinator. In this role, she will ensure that all officers are up to date on their POST (Police Officer Standard and Training) requirements along with other required training for all employees of the SSLPD.

Croyle’s main goal to do more community outreach via social media.

“We are trying increase followship and engagement. That is one of the things that is paramount for one of my goals,” Croyle said.

She wants to add Twitter and Instagram accounts in addition to their current Facebook page (

The police department’s Facebook page is quite active. The page contains information about COVID-19, Census 2020, and crime prevention with hotline numbers such as the Utah Domestic Violence Hotline (800-897-5465) or the Domestic Violence 24 hours Hotline (801-377-5500).

The Facebook page includes news of the department, such as Chief Jack Carruth and others bike riding in the 2020 Police Unity Tour, a 263-mile ride from Provo to Ogden to honor fallen officers or Mrs. Timpanogas delivering Crumbl Cookies during National Police Week.

At times, the Facebook page is used to solicit community involvement, with a crime investigation or help in finding a missing person.