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City Council passes resolution supporting police department

Aug 02, 2021 10:54AM ● By Bill Hardesty

Councilmember Ray deWolfe signs the Law Enforcement Appreciation resolution while other council members LeeAnn Huff, Cory Thomas, and Shane Siwik wait their turn. (Bill Hardesty/City Journal)

By Bill Hardesty | [email protected]

Officers of the South Salt Lake Police Department were honored before the city council twice this year. The first time was during National Police Week when Sean Marchant, Chair of the South Salt Lake Honorary Colonels Association, presented a resolution supporting SSLPD on May 12. However, some language needed to be changed to be more SSLPD focused. The resolution was again proposed and passed by the City Council on July 14.

Mayor Cherie Wood and all council members signed the resolution.

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our Honorary Colonels for working closely with our mayor and city council members in the creation of the resolution.  The support and respect shown by our colonels, mayor, and council members were heard by all our officers,” Chief Jack Carruth said. “The men and women of the South Salt Lake Police Department have endured the national spotlight that has come with criticism for our profession. For our officers to know that they are fully supported by the city and community they protect has only affirmed the sacrifice they are willing to make and recognizes the importance of what they do each and every day.”


The resolution outlines seven whereas clauses:

  1. The South Salt Lake Police Department protects our community from criminal behavior regardless of the circumstances of the day.
  2. The South Salt Lake Police Department seeks to assist our community through a variety of nontraditional means, including non-arrest pathways that connect individuals with treatment and recovery programs to overcome addiction and homelessness and juvenile diversion programs to prevent minors from entering the criminal justice system.
  3. South Salt Lake Police officers build relationships of trust with children and youth in our community by visiting schools and participating in afterschool programs and community events.
  4. The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum reports that as of December 31, 2019, 1,627 law enforcement officers had died in the line of duty during the past decade, a rate of one law enforcement death every 54 hours.
  5. The South Salt Lake Police Department has experienced the death of one of its officers, David P. Romrell, in the line of duty.
  6. South Salt Lake Police officers continue to protect the citizens of South Salt Lake, notwithstanding the political climate, and regardless of a person’s background, culture, age, race, or gender.
  7. Efforts to undermine the South Salt Lake Police department will cause irreparable and lasting damage to our community.

The resolution has three commitments from the South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels Association, Mayor Cherie Wood, and the SSL City Council. 

  1. Offer its sincere thanks and appreciation to the South Salt Lake Police Department who protects and serves our community.
  2. Recognizes the great sacrifice our law enforcement officers, and their families make to keep our community safe.
  3. Supports efforts to appropriately fund our police department in order to keep the city and its residents safe.

The resolution will be displayed in the public area of the David P. Romrell Public Safety Building. 

South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels Association

The South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonel Association is a community organization that provides funding and support for the SSLPD. They also participate in community service.

According to, the organization has four objectives.

  1. Promote a positive relationship between the police department and the community
  2. Raise funds for the police department needs
  3. Render aid to police families in times of need
  4. Facilitate educational events and forums