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Bountiful Spinal Care provides NUCCA, a distinctive form of chiropractic care

Feb 18, 2022 11:18AM ● By Peri Kinder

Dr. Clint Grover and his wife Alissa (Dr. Ali) want to keep everyone in your household healthy, from humans to pets. The duo own Bountiful Spinal Care and Head to Tail Animal Chiropractic, which recently moved to 724 W. 500 South, #100, in Bountiful.

Their distinctive form of chiropractic care offers relief from migraines, neck pain, back pain, low back issues, sciatica and more. As a NUCCA chiropractic physician, Clint says his treatments  get the best results - and it’s the most gentle.

“NUCCA is unique because patients lay on their side for treatment. It’s a gentle adjustment at the top of the neck and it balances the whole spine,” he says. “NUCCA is a procedure where we do a biomechanical adjustment. There’s no twisting or popping or cracking. I’ll take two post x-rays after the first adjustment and the changes are visible immediately.”

While many chiropractors send patients to an imaging center, Bountiful Spinal Care does in-house x-rays to get immediate images to use in treating patients. Clint specializes in headache and migraine relief using NUCCA, but also offers more traditional chiropractic treatments. 

Clint grew up in a family that adopted regular chiropractic care. As a cross-country runner in high school, he struggled with asthma, which made competition difficult. After getting chiropractic treatments, his asthma wasn’t a factor anymore and he became a faster runner. 

His belief in the importance of chiropractic is so great, he started the Hands For Life non-profit foundation in Utah to help underserved demographics or financially-strapped patients receive care. Additionally, he says anyone involved in a car accident should receive treatment - and it’s usually at no cost. 

“Chiropractic care is a really inexpensive way to get healthy. It brings everything back to balance so it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Clint met his wife, Dr. Ali, while performing in the St Ambrose Community Symphony Orchestra, a community orchestra in Davenport Iowa. They started the rock band, Flat Canyon, and enjoy playing with local ensembles, including the Salt Lake Symphony.

Dr. Ali’s practice at Head to Tail Animal Chiropractic provides relief to animals suffering from an uneven gait, fatigue, uncommon aggressive behavior and many other ailments. Using gentle adjustments and reiki, Dr. Ali primarily works with dogs and horses, but also treats cats, goats, sheep, deer, rabbits, birds, and other wildlife. 

Clint and Ali are living their best life in Bountiful with their two children and two miniature schnauzers. 

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“We’re a family of chiropractors serving to make the world a healthier, more connected place. 

[We want] to bring sustainable, natural healthcare to individuals and communities throughout the world.”