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A party for all at Tailgate Tavern

May 30, 2022 05:47PM ● By Jesse M. Gonzalez

By Jesse M. Gonzalez | [email protected]

A social gathering occurred on Sunday, May 15, at the Tailgate Tavern at 3550 S. State St.  The event, hosted by Ashley McCrory, a New York City native now living in Salt Lake, grew in popularity through social media sites and gathered a diverse crowd from Salt Lake City locals to out-of-state visitors.

“The point is to create a party where people from all walks of life can fuse together, bring something new to the table, eat, drink unlimited mimosas, but it ends early—seven o’clock—so we can all get to bed early so we can all wake up for work in the morning,” said McCrory as she gazed out to the crowd attending her event.

Inside Tailgate Tavern, a banner reading “Brunch & Bubbly” could be found on the back wall, balloons were interspersed throughout the room, and the fog machine in the corner produced a hazy atmosphere over the lighting from lamps and television screens.  Laughter and festive voices projected celebratory comfort in a crowded bar where revelers enjoyed their evening among lively music and good vibes.

Near the pool tables, food was placed and offered to anyone in attendance along with all-you-can-drink mimosas.

McCrory made her way to the front, and the DJ stopped the music. 

“Time for a toast,” she said, holding up her glass, addressing everybody in the room.  “Thank you to everyone for coming here tonight. You all look so beautiful, so lovely! This is my first real event and this has given me an opportunity to make my vision come true—to all get together, come together and to let Utah know that we bring a little soul here!

“Everyone, let’s have a good time!”

The DJ resumed the music and people went back to their conversations, food and drink.  More guests entered, and more began to dance; glasses could be heard clattering through the music, the cheers and the jubilation.

In comparison to other social gatherings, Bubbly Beards & Baddies emphasizes authenticity of self, making it a haven for people of all backgrounds to interact with one another and to forget the daily stressors of life, even for just a few hours.

“I’m just here to party, socialize with friends and have a good time,” said Samantha, a Salt Lake City local.

KT, another local, said “I heard about this place through word of mouth, and it seems like the right place to be, so now I’m here. Whatever happens, happens.”

If the event proved to be a successful one, McCrory said there will be plans to “Do it again on a monthly basis.

“Our goal is to make Bubbly Beards & Baddies grow, to gain people’s trust and to build a good reputation in the area.  Beards or no beards, doesn’t matter, come through.  We accept anybody.Bubbly Beards and Baddies is a 21+ event.