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Art night brings Woodrow Wilson Elementary families together

Jun 06, 2024 09:09AM ● By Sarah Brown

Student artwork is displayed in the school hallways. (Sarah Brown/City Journals)

Teachers, families and students gathered May 15 for Woodrow Wilson Elementary’s annual art night. It’s an event children look forward to each year. Students do art projects, participate in activities and enjoy an evening of fun with friends and teachers.

Art night serves “to bring families together—to connect and build community,” said Stephanie Taylor, who teaches ESL at Woodrow Wilson Elementary.

Third-grade teacher Sally Ossana is on the social committee that puts together events for teachers and family engagement, including art night. The committee selected a spring theme for this year.

The halls were lined with artwork of flowers, plants and bugs, which families perused, allowing students to show off their creations.

For activities, students made caterpillars and butterflies using Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, pom poms, goggley eyes and glue, and birdfeeders using pinecones, peanut butter and seed. 

Classrooms were designated for various other activities. Students could practice musical rhythms, make puppet shows using a shadow box and enjoy a Polynesian-themed performance. As is true at most events, the face painting line was the longest. 

WorkshopSLC, a for profit art school, attended the event, providing a project for students to design a square piece to contribute to an art quilt. They were awarded a government grant that enables them to bring free art to the community in various forums. 

Owner and general manager Lucia Murdock said, “I want to make art accessible to all. It’s my mission in life.”

Between 100 and 200 people attended the event. Teachers facilitated the stations, while students engaged their parents in the different classrooms and experiences. 

“Our goal is to get community involved and associate positivity with being at school after hours,” Ossana said.

Several families lingered through the evening, eventually having to disperse when someone announced over the intercom system it was closing time. λ